The artwork of Maria Lombide Ezpeleta with notes.


Swordguardian – Mist Rose


The control of light and shading in this picture is to my mind exquisite. This, in my humble opinion, is the closest Maria gets to so-called ‘High Art’. The physical aspect of the dragons with symmetrically curved bodies; the entwined tails – a hallmark of Maria’s work – complement the entire composition. The claw holding a Silmaril-like gem presented at off-side to the foreground Dragon produces the implicit power of her/its magic. The hues of reddish make this an outstanding visual work, one that has simplicity yet deep, deep magic. A truly primal look into our Cosmos of myth.

Micali – Riders

The clear presentation of the Tolkien Lord of the Rings Fellowship crossing the bridge in the background is so distinct from the river foreshore elven lovers. There is almost a three dimensional aspect to this picture. The careful blurring or fogging adds to both the atmosphere and the ambience. Indeed this seems a Photoshop collage of background and foreground. Once again the Maria Lombide Ezpeleta trademark jewelry and clothing on the lovers.

Emperor of Leshur Vrei

Elven Light

Middle-earth Serpent

Sword Guardian