The artwork of Maria Lombide Ezpeleta with notes.



878 Milano 15102015



Forgive me Sololah

912 Padul Sprite


Dragon pups

Swordguardian Djebel-el-Tarik


The Fifth Element

Swordguardian – Mist Rose


The control of light and shading in this picture is to my mind exquisite. This, in my humble opinion, is the closest Maria gets to so-called ‘High Art’. The physical aspect of the dragons with symmetrically curved bodies; the entwined tails – a hallmark of Maria’s work – complement the entire composition. The claw holding a Silmaril-like gem presented at off-side to the foreground Dragon produces the implicit power of her/its magic. The hues of reddish make this an outstanding visual work, one that has simplicity yet deep, deep magic. A truly primal look into our Cosmos of myth.

Micali – Riders

The clear presentation of the Tolkien Lord of the Rings Fellowship crossing the bridge in the background is so distinct from the river foreshore elven lovers. There is almost a three dimensional aspect to this picture. The careful blurring or fogging adds to both the atmosphere and the ambience. Indeed this seems a Photoshop collage of background and foreground. Once again the Maria Lombide Ezpeleta trademark jewelry and clothing on the lovers.

Emperor of Leshur Vrei

Elven Light

Middle-earth Serpent

Sword Guardian


Duende with Tattoo

Emperor of Leshur Vrei

A complex intertwining of composition…well look at it?! The very deep mythic, almost supernormal symbolism of the Emperor(three faced being), his hermaphrodites and techno-magical buildings. A seeming out of place couple on a end of a bridge-type structure present almost a paradox to the opposite side of the work. Clearly this is a very detailed channeling of a different world, albeit one internally consistent.

Dragon Flying

This synergy of Maria’s Dobermans and dragons of myth is perhaps my favourite among many of her works. The perspective with the front claw, its relationship with the turned head and the synonymous echo in the tongue invite the viewer into the picture. The magical blurring at the top of the picture, embracing the wings, give both energy and motion. Notice also a typical maria lombide ezpeleta artistic signature-device of the spiraling ears of the dragon and the very long twisting tail, also a feature of her work.

Marisoly: A Dreamland THE BOOK

The artwork of the Spanish artist Maria Lombide Ezpeleta here presented for the first time in book form.

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Elven Tryst

Dragon Flying

Micali – Riders