The artwork of Maria Lombide Ezpeleta with notes.

White Council

Although J. R. R. Tolkien inspired, this work has several features that make it unique. If you take the horses and their demeanor you can see, mainly by the eyes (pun intended) that they form an equal part of the character composition. There are 17 (Saruman’s horse is (nearly) obscured) ‘members’ of the White Council in our vision. The swords presumably of the attendees represent a focal point for both the council and the picture. Note also the faint pathway through a background forest above the sword hilts signifying the pathway to our meeting place. I particularly like the portrayal of Saruman in this work, he is cast as an outsider; his horse has is hidden-unlike the others and he is more wary of what Cirdan is doing with that bowl; something left for all of us to ponder upon…

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