The artwork of Maria Lombide Ezpeleta with notes.

Moon Letters

What is this? Non-elven Tolkien dwarves and even a hobbit. Here we have Maria stretching her vision to the Tolkien novel ‘The Hobbit’ and to a scene where Elrond (her favourite Elven Lord/boyfriend as you will see later) discovers the Moon Runes on Thorin’s map. Much as you can clearly see, to Gandalf’s discomfort. Sometimes accused of a lack of facial expressions in her Elven/Shermyjl representations, she argues that she sees them as reserved and aloof from human emotionality, something both races have in abundance in their written literature. With Arwen in exquisite jewelry and clothing framing our vision towards Elrond, here presented in all sensuality by the artist. Clearly here is a favourite subject! The background is balanced as is typical of Maria’s work – not overdone or distracting from the focus or energy the scene – yet detailed enough to keep the viewer looking for more detail.

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