The artwork of Maria Lombide Ezpeleta with notes.

Micali Colour Test

…a benign name for such an exquisite piece…

The eyes captivated me the first time I saw it. I truly wondered if they were done from life!? The sheer beauty of form of the lower face makes this her most beautiful female portrait in my opinion. Added to which the swirls of the hair individualize the character we behold.

While testing a new brand of colour pencils recommended to her, Maria has produced nothing less than a portrait masterpiece, of yes that word again, exquisite colour blend and hue. The hair is amazing in its effect upon the viewer, belying the nature of the medium itself, a magic colouration. With a technique only many decades of the use of this medium could produce, this IS Maria Lombide Ezpeleta at her finest.

No less, is Maria’s capability and skill at design. Maturing in her jewelry portrayal with this – for the final time – exquisite necklace, feature radiant design combined with flower muse.

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