The artwork of Maria Lombide Ezpeleta with notes.

Feanor’s Sons

Do you see Maria has put herself in and elder Marisol in detail in the centre of the picture between the artificial hand tools of Maedros. This work must hold a special significance for her. I addressed the issue of facial expressions in the previous ‘Moon Letters’ picture, here, if you cannot see the diversity of character, then there is no hope for you. A strikingly diverse aspects are presented, subtly telling a story in all their individual saga. The composition around Feanor, with the three more dark sons on his right, going anti-clockwise and the more en-lightened of his sons descending continuing the anti-clockwise coming, finally the wisest of them all, Maedros. Caranthir on top left leans into his father; Maedros turn away… Deep mature reading by the artist indeed, or perhaps a deep natural intuitiveness is a better description. One other aspect concerning the twins Amrod and Amras; Maria has put one in profile to distinguish their individual aspects – there is truly individual seven sons.

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